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Get a human like ChatBot for your business. Never miss any query from customer.

What is goodChatBot?

goodChatBot helps you automate customer conversation and tasks. We build efficient, wise and pleasant Chatbots.

Support Functions

Our chatbot provides first level of support interactions. Users can ask queries and connect to right department through chatbot. Most of the routine interactions can be automated with the help of chatbot.

General Queries

We provide chatbot which can help users with general information about processes, legal or general queries. This is a huge relief if you belong to a knowledge & rules & regulation intensive industry (e.g. Banking).


Our chatbots can perform user specified actions like booking a restaurant table, buying an item, feedback collection, sending an email, submitting a form, searching internet or internal database etc.

Why do you need a ChatBot?

How it works?

We study and understand our customers' unique requirements and create a chatbot which cater to those specific requirements. We believe that every customer has a unique identity and it should be reflected well on Chatbots. After-all your chatbot is your first brand ambassador.

Information Collection

We do good research on your customer support and other processes which you want to automate. We mine your data for customer queries and best possible responses to understand your support.

Context groups

We create groups of various contexts relevant to your company or industry. When a customer asks a question, it falls under a certain context. It is important to respond within those contexts.

Tree formation

Information can be classified through "trees and branches" approach. We help you organize information through a formal "tree" process. We use this classification to maintain consistency across conversations.

Chat building

We build your chatbot by populating the organized and context oriented information on standard chatbot platform. We make sure that chatbot adheres to best practices of your company culture.


Chatbot can perform various actions as per your user's requirements. We build these action hooks through conversation contexts. Users find it quite helpful to get a task done through chatbot.

AI Learning & Training

AI learning is enabled for chatbots; they work not only based on context and information trees but also by learning through real customer interactions. We also provide real time training to bots with the help of historical conversations.


Our chatbot integrates with Web/ HTML5/ JavaScript/ Node.js/ Python/ PHP/ Java/ .NET/ C++/ Android/ iOS/ Ruby/ Facebook Messenger/ Twitter/ Skype/ Slack/ Telegram/ Amazon Alexa/ Microsoft Cortana/ Viber/ Twilio/ Tropo/ Kik/ Line/ Cisco Spark/ Cordova/ Unity/ Xamarin/ Actions on Google/ BotKit & Epson moverio.

Why us?

goodChatBot is brought to you by bicsl. BICSL has worked with some of the top brands across multiple domains. BICSL provides services in Mobility, Product Engineering, Digital transformation and AI areas.

Service company

goodChatBot is 100% committed to creating Chatbots. We provide end to end services for your Chatbot needs. You need not worry about platform or conversation complexities.

Continuous Support

Chatbot project does not end with the launch alone. Yours and users needs are evolving and we fine-tune your Chatbot continuously. We provide life time support for Chatbots.

Multiple chatbot platforms

We can build chatbot by using various platforms like, watson conversation or any other platform of your choice. We take care of api POCs and save you from the hard work.

Third party app Integration

We integrate your Chatbot with social media chat tools like Facebook Messenger, Slack, Telegram and web application frameworks like HTML5, node.js, Java , .NET or mobile app platforms like Android and iOS and others.

Web applications

Other than simple Chatbot integration with web frameworks, we can also create a full-fledged web application based on Chatbot API's and integrate various other systems and services with it.

Mobile Apps

We can create full-fledged native iOS and Android mobile apps by using Chatbot APIs and integrate many other services as well. With our deep experience in mobile apps, you can use us as a one stop destination for all your needs.


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